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Makeup Cosmetic Clear Bag In Pakistan

Makeup Cosmetic Clear Bag In Pakistan.For Girls Who Love Beauty, Cosmetics Are Indispensable. This Cosmetic Bag Is Made Of Transparent Material, Which Looks Very Fashionable. 

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Makeup Cosmetic Clear Bag In Pakistan

Makeup Cosmetic Clear Bag.Portable Makeup Bag Durable Clear PVC material, water-resistant, sturdy quality, lightweight for travel, with top handle easy to carry with.Makeup Cosmetic Clear Bag Portable Transparent Travel Storage.Transparent Design high-quality clear PVC makes it easy to find what you want, what you have stored, and easy to cleanMakeup Cosmetic Clear Bag In Pakistan

  1. Clear vinyl or plastic material (PVC or TPU) – You can find this at craft stores or online.
  2. Fabric for the trim (optional) – Choose a fabric that complements your style.
  3. Zipper – Choose a zipper that fits the size of your bag.
  4. Thread – Matching the color of your trim fabric, if applicable.
  5. Sewing machine or needle for hand-sewing.
  6. Scissors or rotary cutter.
  7. Ruler or measuring tape.
  8. Fabric marker or chalk.
  9. Measure and cut the clear vinyl:
    • Determine the size you want your bag to be. For example, a standard size could be around 8 inches wide and 6 inches tall, but you can adjust according to your needs.
    • Use a ruler and fabric marker or chalk to draw the dimensions on the clear vinyl.
    • Cut out the two main pieces for the front and back of the bag.
  10. Cut the trim fabric (optional):
    • If you want to add a fabric trim to your bag, measure and cut fabric strips that are as long as the sides of the clear vinyl pieces.
    • The width of the fabric strips can be around 2 inches, but adjust according to your preference.
  11. Sew the trim (optional):
    • If you’re using fabric trim, place the vinyl piece on top of the fabric strip, right sides facing each other.
    • Sew along the edge, leaving a seam allowance of about 1/4 inch.
    • Repeat this for all the sides of the vinyl pieces. This will attach the fabric trim to the vinyl.
  12. Prepare the zipper:
    • Lay one of the clear vinyl pieces flat with the right side facing up.
    • Place the zipper face down along the top edge of the vinyl piece.
    • If necessary, trim the zipper to fit the width of the bag.
  13. Sew the zipper:
    • Use a zipper foot on your sewing machine or hand-sew along the edge of the zipper tape to attach it to the vinyl.
    • Repeat this step for the other side of the zipper, attaching it to the other vinyl piece.
  14. Sew the bag together:
    • Open the zipper halfway to make it easier to turn the bag right-side out later.
    • Place the two vinyl pieces together, right sides facing each other.
    • Starting at one corner, sew along the sides and bottom of the bag, leaving the top open.
    • For extra reinforcement, sew over the zipper ends a couple of times.
  15. Trim the corners:
    • Trim the excess fabric from the corners to reduce bulk when turning the bag right-side out.
  16. Turn the bag right-side out:
    • Carefully push the bag through the open zipper to turn it right-side out.
  17. Finishing touches:
    • Push out the corners of the bag to give it a neat shape.
    • Close the zipper fully.

Your clear makeup cosmetic bag is now complete! You can use it to organize and store your makeup essentials while still being able to see everything inside. Enjoy your new creation!

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Multifunctional: this clear bag can be used as a cosmetic bag, toiletry bag, stationery bag, and wash bag, to carry your daily personal needs, convenient and multipurpose
Large Capacity: size in 22cm x 17cm x 10cm, this clear bag easy to store liquids, shampoo, liquid soap, lotion, perfume, cosmetics, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, etc
Sturdy Cosmetic Bag: reinforced stitching seam and sturdy zipper make sure this clear bag not easy to tear on the seam, offering you a long usage on this bag, happy to travel with it.

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